Self-Care. The pillars of well-being

Colonnade green adjIn steps 1 1a and 2 we discovered that self-care is about taking care of yourself in all areas of your life so that you feel amazing and have an amazing life. That we are here to thrive in life and not to survive in life. We learned that self-care begins with developing a way of being with ourselves and that every small change that we make that builds quality in our lives has a knock-on effect in other aspects of our life. We learned to start with what the biggest thing is in front of us and go from there.

If we understand that self-care is about taking care of ourselves in all areas of life, then what areas of life might that be?

In classical ‘work-life balance’ training we learn to separate work from something that is called life, but in truth everything is life and we take our quality and our sense of well-being everywhere, and our well-being is affected by how we are in all areas of life.

To develop a true sense of well-being we need to take care of ourselves in all areas of life, because it is ourselves and our bodies that are living in all areas of life.

If we are not well in one aspect of life, that affects all other areas of our life.

Deepening our self-care and our well-being is a continuous process of learning about ourselves.

To start to understand where we can learn and grow it helps to consider the different areas of life that are key to our well-being.

I consider that these pillars are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Exercise and Movement
  3. Food
  4. Relationships
  5. Finances
  6. Emotions and Feelings

These pillars are the foundation of our well-being, and each of these involves both personal and our working lives. 

Relationships are how we are with all people, not just with a few. It also includes how we are with ourselves!

Money is an essential part of life and something that we all need to understand.

Sleep affects the core well-being. Without it, the body cannot heal or recover.

How and what we eat affects the well-being of the body directly, and that well-being – or not! – is what we take into daily life.

Emotions and Feelings are how we are all of the time. Stress, tensions and emotions have a negative impact on our well-being and as we all know, they also affect our thinking and our decision making, which can lead to further adverse impacts on our health and well-being. Even burying our tensions and stresses and pretending they are not there affects us negatively.

Emotions, stresses and tensions leave us in a state of imbalance, of unease that then leads to poor well-being. Some of us think we love our emotions, but in truth we do not feel at our most well when we are in emotions whether it be fully ‘emotional’ and crying and screaming, or tense hiding it all under a veneer of control but still seething underneath it all.

Taking steps to grow our well-being involves taking steps to bring greater care and awareness to all of these areas of our lives. All of them are equal with none more important than any other.

Growing your quality of well-being is a simple as growing your quality in these areas of life. Deepening our quality and care in each of these areas builds our overall well-being which ever expands the more we expand our quality and care in our lives.

Stay tuned for more tips on these areas of life in your self-care.

3 thoughts on “Self-Care. The pillars of well-being

  1. “If we are not well in one aspect of life, that affects all other areas of our life.” – This statement has become very evident in my life lately, as I have begun to see how, for instance, just because I am very open, tender, and transparent with one group of people, that if I am not with someone else, or am holding judgement of them for some reason, it definitely affects the relationships that I thought were ‘solid’ and perhaps there was a holding back there that I was not previously aware of.


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