Self-Care. Step 2.

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Step 1 in self-care is knowing that self-care is about taking care of yourself in all areas of life so that you can feel amazing and lead an amazing life.

Step 1 a in self-care is knowing that caring for ourselves begins with a certain quality. It is not just about function it is about the way that we care for ourselves.

Step 2 in Self-Care is knowing that each thing that you do makes a big difference and that each small thing in life can have a knock on effect in other aspects of our life.

In the same way that when things go bung in our personal lives or in our professional lives, we know that other aspects of our life can be affected in the negative, so too when we make positive choices in our lives that can have a positive knock-on effect in other aspects of our lives.

For example if we decided to focus on one area of our life such as food and make changes there that nurture us and take care of us, then that quality will feed into other areas of our lives. Being hungry – or hangry –  does not help us focus at work!

Feeling nurtured and nourished with food helps the body feel settled. When we are settled, we are more able to be well in and with life, beyond meal time.

Have you also ever noticed how a good night’s sleep seems to make a big difference if there are problems or issues in life? Or made things that seemed so big and insurmountable, suddenly exactly that, surmountable? This is the example of the effect of quality in one aspect of life feeding quality in other aspects of life.

When we first start taking care of ourselves it can seem big and insurmountable and we wonder where to start!

The key, is to start with something, to start with what is right in front of you, and bring your quality and care to that area.

And then you will not only see benefits in that area directly, but you will also start to see knock on effects in other areas of life.

For example, have you ever noticed how tension around money can negatively feed other areas of life, both personal and professional, creating tension?

Did you ever consider how taking care and attention to finances could have a knock on positive effect on both aspects in your personal and professional life? Both directly and indirectly?

For example, sleep can have a direct impact on our health and well-being, but it also has an indirect impact in terms of other areas of our life that we would not necessarily consider to be directly impacted, such as our personal relationships.

Lack of sleep affects our mood, our thinking, and increases our irritability, which does not build loving relationships!

In contrast, feeling well rested increases our well-being and when we feel well we take that quality to all areas of our lives.

And likewise the effect is similar when we take care and attention to all areas of our lives.

Taking care of ourselves builds a quality in our body.

The quality we develop in our bodies, is the quality that we take every where we go. You cannot remove our bodies from daily life! It is simply not possible!

When you start to develop a quality of care and well-being in one aspect of life, it feeds the well-being in all aspects of your life. And then from that platform you can start to develop new platforms of even greater well-being.

Your path to greater well-being begins with your self-care, by taking simple steps, by developing a quality and care in aspects of your life that are immediately in front of you.

My suggestion is to start with an area that comes to mind immediately, and then build from there. It doesn’t matter how small or simple it seems, every choice makes a difference.

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