To medicate or not to medicate. That is the question. Or is it?

In modern day times, pharmaceuticals have become the centre of medical treatments. We learn and indeed expect that when we go to a doctor that we will receive a script recommendation for a medication, a pill, to treat our ills. Many of us want that unquestioningly, want that little small thing to make the problems go away, and on the other hand, many of us are increasingly suspicious of medications. Some of us want medications, are in search of that little white pill to cure our ills, and then many of us do not want to take medications, no matter what, in fear of side effects.

These positions bring to light certain questions:

  • There certainly can be many side effects from medications. But are we to avoid them ‘no matter what’?
  • Is there in truth a place for medications in the management of our health? Or are we putting our health at risk by not taking medications?

People are not really ambivalent about taking medications, they are absolutely polarised.

I see people who want medications, and then those who refuse to take medications, and then there are of course those who have side effects to all medications, and then those who have no side effects to any sort of medication. Strangely, I don’t see people who are ambivalent about taking medications!

Our response to medications appears to be quite an individual thing, as much as our attitudes towards taking medications and this is to be respected and understood.

But what’s behind our desire to not take medications at all?

Whenever I prescribe medications, one of the common responses I hear is people tell me that they are ‘going to rattle’. Yet, medications are usually smaller than the proverbial tic tac – and people aren’t worried that they will rattle when they take tic tacs…… we happily have tic tacs, or other forms of food, several times a day with no issue, yet we resent having to take medications several times a day, or even once a day……..

So I wonder, what is it that underlies our relationship with pharmaceutical medications and what sort of ‘medication’ are we really seeking? Continue reading