About Dr Maxine Szramka

Dr Maxine SzramkaDr Maxine Szramka (MBBS Hons 1, B Med Sc, FRACP) is a physician based in Sydney who works full time in private practice in Rheumatology. She is a sought after educator in health care, both for patients, peers and students, and serves on the peer review panel for Rheumatology for an international medical journal. She has had a vast experience in different fields of medicine before specialising in Rheumatology and her interests and experience in life and medicine are diverse. She is a writer published on many different platforms regarding health and well-being, particularly in the health care profession. Maxine presents at self-care workshops.

Maxine is passionate about and an advocate for the health and well-being of the medical profession. Equally passionate about education, equity, equality and empowerment, with a deep care for all people, here Dr Maxine writes on health, well-being, medicine, science and society. Stay tuned for her healthy lifestyle tips!

You can read more about Maxine here.