Sensitivity in Medicine – Really?

In medicine we are trained that we need to be tough, hard, strong, and the latest buzz word to come from the NHS – ‘resilient’. ie no matter what comes at us, we need to be tough and hard enough to handle it. Well, we all know how well that works out in the army! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder abounds…

Besides, should we really be treating health care like a battle zone? Come on. Lets get serious here.

Resilience and toughness builds barriers between people. It creates hardness, coldness, efficaciousness, and distance between people. There is no care in resilience, nor love in hardness or toughness.

Perhaps toughness is required for the battlefield where truly awful things are seen and done to other people, but health care is about people; specifically, the profession has the word ‘care’ in it…..

How can we care for others when we are hard, tough, strong and have created protective barriers between us and others? Continue reading