Healthy Lifestyle Tip – Self-Appreciation

When in our lives, and particularly in medicine, do we get taught to appreciate ourselves, or learn that it is an important thing to do?

Let me answer that for you: Never!!

In medical school we learn that we need to get the marks and learn things; we learn that there are consequences if we get things ‘wrong’. We learn to tip toe around certain individuals, please people, say the right things, bury the natural feelings and needs of our own bodies to do ward rounds standing for hours on end, stand in theatre for hours on end, with no toilet breaks or opportunities for hydration, to take phone calls at times that don’t suit us, to not get breaks to feed ourselves, to be at the mercy of the opinions of the senior doctors that we work with, we take criticism and at times harassment from other health care staff and administration, but, never at any stage do we learn to appreciate ourselves. Continue reading